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Schedule of Classes & Workshops Fall 2015

Michael Chekhov Acting Technique Training

Performance Workshop at Chekhov Studio Chicago

Performance Workshop at Chekhov Studio Chicago

Comprehensive training in the Michael Chekhov Acting Technique is taught in two six week sessions. Each session is complete in itself, but the entire training is covered in twelve weeks.

1st Fall Six Week Session

September 16 – October 21, 2014

Tuesday evenings 7-9:30 PM

Six Week Class in the essentials of the Michael Chekhov Acting Technique. This class is designed for those who are encountering Chekhov Technique for the first time as well as those actors somewhat familiar with Chekhov’s approach and wish to continue to explore the essential concepts and tools.

2nd Fall Six Week Session

October 28 – December 2, 2014

Tuesday evenings 7-9:30 PM

Fee: All twelve weeks  $480/ $360 Studio Members*

1st or 2nd session only  $240/ $180 Studio Members*

Pay Plan available. Ask when registering. Scroll down to bottom of page for How to Register.




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Continuing Chekhov Class -

Art of the Actor Performance Project

Anton Chekhov

Anton Chekhov

September 8 – November 22, 2014

Monday Evenings 7-9:30 PM from September 8 – November 17 and

Saturdays 10-2 PM   November 8, 15 and dress rehearsal Thursday, November 20 7-10 PM

Performances November 21 & 22, 2014 7:30 PM

Our continuing class this fall will be a performance project combining training in the Michael Chekhov Acting Technique with application to characterization, scene development and rehearsal process. Chekhov speaks of his technique as a door for our process:

“It is a big, big door through which we can enter and take everything, and turn them into things which we can act.” 

(From Michael Chekhov’s archived notes transcribed by Deirdre Hurst duPrey)

The show, Chekhov’s Neighbors, is an original adaptation of short stories of Anton Chekhov. We will explore the short stories of Anton Chekhov through the art of the actor and with the imaginative tools of the Michael Chekhov Acting Technique, create and rehearse with our workshop ensemble. The workshop is lead by Dawn Arnold, Artistic Director of Moving Dock Theatre Company and Michael Chekhov Technique Teacher who has directed The Moving Dock Theatre Company’s many adaptations from literary sources.

Note: Previous training in Chekhov Technique is required for this workshop.

Participant Fee: $560/ $420 Studio Members

Pay Plan available. Ask when registering. Scroll down to bottom of page for How to Register.



Michael Chekhov Acting Technique for Singers

This spring SongShop visited Chekhov Studio Chicago. We had a blast! So we are doing it again. Didn’t get to join us last time? Experience Chekhov Technique for Singers in these two upcoming workshops.

An Introduction to the Chekhov Technique for Singers

August 29, 2014  

Friday 3-6 PM

Working with the Chekhov Technique for Singers

August 30, 2014

Saturday 10-4 with lunch break

Elyse Kakacek

Singer Elyse Kakacek

Chekhov Studio Chicago, Chicago’s resource for training in the Michael Chekhov Acting Technique, welcomes singers this August.  Dawn Arnold, certified master teacher of the Michael Chekhov Technique, will lead singers to explore the effective and inspiring tools of the Chekhov Technique and guide them in applying the tools to their songs or arias.

The Chekhov Technique is a world renowned approach that inspires performing artists, giving them effective means to connect to and express the inner life of their roles. The psycho-physical exercises are simple and surprisingly direct in helping singers to create memorable performances.

“…the highest and final aim of every true artist, whatever his particular branch of art, may be defined as the desire to express himself freely and completely.” Michael Chekhov in To The Actor

“What the singer needs is an acting approach that unifies their acting and singing. Chekhov’s approach enables the singer to understand their character and the action of the scene through their body/mind, connecting directly to their singing.” Dawn Arnold

Introduction to the Chekhov Technique

This introduction to the Chekhov Technique will explore the basic concepts of the technique that connect body and mind and support the creative process for the singer working on their roles and material. We will focus on the gem of the technique, the Psychological Gesture and see how to use it to connect to the character and realize the scene inwardly and outwardly. The workshop is active, but all participants can feel comfortable in adapting the work to their physical ability level. It is energizing, liberating, and fun!

Singers new to the Chekhov Technique should take this workshop prior to the Saturday application workshop.

Working with the Chekhov Technique for Singers

Following our spring workshop with SongShop, this workshop is for singers who have had some exposure to the Chekhov Technique. Singers will be guided to apply the Chekhov Technique to their material, exploring how to relate to the music and text through the body/mind to make the vital connections that enable them to feel the synergy in their acting and singing.

After a Chekhov warm-up and preliminary exploration in the morning, we will work one on one. Singers may opt to explore excerpts from their material or work through an entire piece. Singers wanting to work through an entire piece must sign up prior to the workshop so that we can schedule workshop time accordingly. An accompanist will work with us for this workshop. Bring two copies of your music in your right key, one for the accompanist.

Introduction to Chekhov Technique $50

Working with Chekhov Technique $95

Take both Workshops $125

To register for these workshops and to sign up to work through and entire piece, email Chekhov Studio Chicago at

Red Shoes Solo Show Project Workshops

Summer dates TBA

Who gave you the Red Shoes? Who launched you into your life in art? The Red Shoes Solo Show Project began this year for actors who love working with the Chekhov Technique and want to take the artistic tools of the technique into creative directions. In The Red Shoes Solo Show Project actors are building solo shows based on their own experiences of being in the arts – told in the style of a fairy tale (or whatever style unfolds for your material). In each workshop, we work together as an ensemble to get going, break out into solo work, then come together to show what we are discovering and offer feedback.

Interested actors are invited to join us to begin building a solo show and develop it in any of the workshops devoted to this project. We will have several workshops throughout the summer and into next year. Contact us with your interest.

Note: This project is designed for actors who have been regularly training in Chekhov Technique or have completed a course in Chekhov Training.



1) E-mail us with any questions you may have at

2) Fill out and return this WORKSHOP REGISTRATION FORM 2012-13

3) Pay fee. You may pay the entire fee (check or money order made out to The Moving Dock Theatre Company) via mail to our address on the registration form or pay online via PayPal. Or pay $35 (or special deposit as specified in the workshop information) non-refundable deposit to hold your place and bring the remainder to the first day of the workshop. Please add $3 for online payments. Pay Plans for Classes are made by individual agreement. Please contact the Studio. Drop Policy: If you need to drop the class prior to the beginning of the class (with 48 hours notice) the tuition minus the non-refundable deposit will be refunded. After the class has begun, the non-refundable deposit and your paid tuition will remain on account with the Studio for one year and carry over to any other class or workshop you wish to take.



Get materials together with Acting Coach Dawn Arnold prior to the start of the classes. Choose and cut the piece, analyze the play and gather ideas about the character so that you are ready to dive in a explore in class.

“I studied the Chekhov Technique in the NY Studio for four years. I am so grateful that here in Chicago I can continue to cultivate this immensely inspiring technique with Dawn Arnold’s mastery and guidance. It works!  B.C. Professional Actress

In person or via Skype or Google+ Click here for COACHING


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Have you seen our workshops on the Arts and Education Exchange? Our Art of the Actor workshops in the Michael Chekhov Acting Technique and creative process are available to schools (high school, college, university) and theatre companies through our Guest Workshops and Residencies.



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