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Ongoing training in the Michael Chekhov Acting Technique is taught in year round sessions of classes, weekend workshops, and special classes. “As soon as we begin to develop our bodies, voices, and emotions, we begin to get our professional actor’s technique, and as soon as we have our technique, we can start the creative process – and what will it be?”  Michael Chekhov

Classes are  taught by Dawn Arnold, Certified Michael Chekhov Teaching Artist and Artistic Director of Moving Dock Theatre Co.  


Workshop Venue:
Chekhov Studio Chicago @ Christian Community Church
2135 W Wilson Chicago, Il 60625
Chekhov Acting Technique Teacher Dawn Arnold

Chekhov Acting Technique Teacher Dawn Arnold


Get ready for Fall in the Studio! Get to know us!

FREE WORKSHOP – Meet the Michael Chekhov Acting Technique

Saturday, September 9, 2017
11:00AM – 1:00 PM
To attend, RSVP at

You are invited to visit us at our workshop space in Lincoln Square, learn about the Chekhov Technique, find out how it works and why we love it.

Our special art form is workshops – the art that breathes life into performance. We welcome actors, singers, theatre teachers, directors, and curious audience members. You may know something about Chekhov Technique or nothing at all. You may wonder how workshops like these can improve your art. There will be an actual workshop for you to participate or observe, demonstrations, and discussion. Workshop will be taught by Artistic Director, Dawn Arnold. Ensemble Members of Moving Dock Theatre Company will be on hand to participate and answer questions. Join us for this fun, free event to find out more about our artistic mission and see what it is we do at Chekhov Studio Chicago.





Chekhov Technique Essentials

Twelve Week Course plus Studio Showcase

September 12 – December 5, 2017*
Tuesdays 7:00 – 9:30PM
Showcase – Monday, December 11 at 8:00PM
Actor call time for showcase 7:00PM
*Note – no class on October 31 

Act Truthfully, Transform Imaginatively
Begin your study of the Michael Chekhov Acting Technique with the Essentials of the Chekhov Technique as found in Chekhov’s book, To The Actor.

- Study the dynamic principles for the actor
- Develop your instrument – body and voice
- Learn Chekhov’s creative, improvisational process
- Learn the tools of the technique including the Psychological Gesture

The essentials of the Chekhov Technique, such as the four brothers (sense of ease, sense of form, sense of beauty, sense of the whole); giving and receiving, expansion and contraction, qualities of movement, centers, sensations, the three sisters (falling, floating, balancing); atmosphere; archetype, and psychological gesture, prepare the actor in mind and body to do their best work and enlarge their scope of the art of the actor.

Actors will work as an ensemble, with partners, and with solo concentration. Throughout the sessions, short scenes will be created out of improvisations. Actors will also work with a play, looking at text analysis in an engaged way and developing characters. Selections of these creative explorations will be performed in the showcase at the end of the course.

All our continuing classes and special workshops are built on this foundational course.​ Actors who have studied Chekhov previously may take this course to refresh their understanding of these valuable lessons.

Chekhov Continuing Class

To the Actor Twelve Week Course plus Studio Showcase

September 18 – December 4, 2017*
Mondays 7:00 – 9:30PM
Showcase – Monday, December 11 at 8:00PM
Actor call time for showcase 7:00PM

Actors who have taken the Essentials course at Chekhov Studio Chicago or a similar class elsewhere can join our Continuing Class. This course will continue the study of Chekhov’s principles, tailored to the participants, and add to the foundational concepts with the more advanced ideas found in the Chart of Inspired Acting in Chekhov’s book, On the Technique of Acting.

Actors will work on a play together, going deeper in explorations for characterization, relationship interaction, atmospheres, sensations, composition, and more. Selected scenes from this study will be performed in the Studio Showcase at the end of the course.

Actors who are continuing their study and want to work more with the essentials can take both courses to create their own Immersion semester.

MChekhov Chart Inspired Acting

Twelve Week Course fees:

$480 / $360 Studio Members*
Discount for taking both Essentials and Continuing Class:
$765 / $575 Studio Members* 
Payment plan available


FALL WEEKEND INTENSIVES  will be announced shortly.




Dedicate yourself to your professional development and support the Studio that makes these opportunities available to you all at the same time with a Chekhov Studio Chicago Membership. Buy a Member Class Card for one year  ($100) and enjoy discounted workshop fees for every workshop you take during that year. Download more information here: CHEKHOV STUDIO CHICAGO MEMBERSHIP CLASS CARD


1) E-mail us at 2) Fill out and return this WorkshopRegistrationForm F2016_distributed 3) Pay fee. You may pay the entire fee (check or money order made out to The Moving Dock Theatre Company) via mail to our address on the registration form or pay online via PayPal. Or pay $35 (or special deposit as specified in the workshop information) non-refundable deposit to hold your place and bring the remainder to the first day of the workshop. Please add $3 for online payments. Pay Plans for Classes are made by individual agreement. Please contact the Studio.

Drop Policy: By registering for a class you are committing to the whole class. If you are on a payment plan, note that full payment must be made even if classes are missed. There is no prorated class fee for missed classes. If you need to drop the class prior to the beginning of the class (with 48 hours notice) any paid tuition minus the non-refundable deposit will be refunded. After the class has begun, the non-refundable deposit and any paid tuition will remain on account with the Studio for one year and carry over to any other class or workshop you wish to take.


Get materials together with Acting Coach Dawn Arnold prior to the start of the classes. Choose and cut the piece, analyze the play and gather ideas about the character so that you are ready to dive in and explore it in class. “I studied the Chekhov Technique in the NY Studio for four years. I am so grateful that here in Chicago I can continue to cultivate this immensely inspiring technique with Dawn Arnold’s mastery and guidance. It works!  B.C. Professional Actress In person or via Skype or Google+ Click here for COACHING

Bring Chekhov Studio Chicago’s Workshops to you

Our Art of the Actor workshops in the Michael Chekhov Acting Technique and creative process for rehearsals are available to schools (high school, college, university) and theatre companies through our Guest Workshops and Residencies.


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