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Training in Michael Chekhov Acting Technique

Chekhov Studio Chicago Workshop   Ongoing training in the Michael Chekhov Acting Technique is taught in year round sessions of classes, weekend workshops, and special classes. “As soon as we begin to develop our bodies, voices, and emotions, we begin to get our professional actor’s technique, and as soon as we have our technique, we can start the creative process – and what will it be?”  Michael Chekhov


Classes are  taught by Dawn Arnold, Certified Michael Chekhov Teaching Artist and Artistic Director of Moving Dock Theatre Co.  

Workshop Venue:
Chekhov Studio Chicago @ Christian Community Church
2135 W Wilson Chicago, Il 60625

The Singer Acts  - A Weekend Workshop

Opera Singer Elyse Kakacek

Opera Singer Elyse Kakacek

February 24 & 25, 2017
Friday 4-9:30 PM
Saturday, 1-4 PM with lunch break

A weekend intensive for singers to discover the Michael Chekhov Acting Technique with Dawn Arnold and Matthew Ellenwood.

What does the singer need to know to also be a wonderful actor?

Singers have the advantage of having ready access to the inner life of their character through the music. What is needed is the context  - the understanding of the character and scene and the ability to connect to those things fully in both their singing and their acting, “ says Dawn Arnold, Michael Chekhov Acting Technique teacher and coach. ”The music can lead the singer to the acting and the acting should further define the music to tell the story.”

In this workshop, Dawn will be joined by vocal teacher and coach, Matthew Ellenwood to look at essentials of acting a musical or opera role through some of the tools of the Chekhov Technique. Singers will work on one solo or aria and the scene that surrounds it, focusing on becoming the character, understanding the dramatic action, and connecting to the character and action in both the musical moments and the moments when they are not singing.

When signing up for the workshop, please send a digital copy of the music you will be singing in the workshop. Prepare by studying the entire opera or musical so you are ready to answer significant questions.

Workshop fee: $150/$120 with  studio membership*
Early registration 15% discount through Feb 10.
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Freeing the Voice of the Actor  - A Weekend Workshop

March 18 & 19, 2017
Saturday 10AM -4PM with lunch break
Sunday 3-6PM
Early registration 15% discount through March 10.

A weekend intensive for actors to explore the Linklater voice approach along with the Michael Chekhov Acting Technique lead by designated Linklater teacher, Chrissy Calkins Steele and Chekhov Acting Technique teacher, Dawn Arnold. 

Explore the connection between your voice and your acting in this workshop. Actors will be guided through basics of the Linklater voice approach and then explore selected text with a focus on inner gesture, breath, sound, and articulation. Actors do not need to have studied either Linklater or Chekhov previously to take this workshop.

Workshop fee: $150/$120 with  studio membership*
Early registration 15% discount through March 10.
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Chekhov Acting Technique Teacher Dawn Arnold

Chekhov Acting Technique Teacher Dawn Arnold


Taught by Chekhov Acting Teacher Dawn Arnold

Michael Chekhov Acting Technique - Essentials

January 30 – March 20, 2017
Monday evenings 7-9:30 PM
Begin or renew your study of the Michael Chekhov Acting Technique with the essentials of the Chekhov Technique as found in Chekhov’s book, To The Actor. The study of the essentials of the Chekhov Technique –  the four brothers (sense of ease, sense of form, sense of the whole, sense of beauty); giving and receiving, expansion and contraction, qualities of movement, centers, and psychological gesture prepare the actor in mind and body to do their best work and enlarge their scope of the art of the actor. All our continuing classes are built on this course.​ Returning students can continue to work on these essential aspects of the art of the actor to expand their work.
Workshop fee:  
$320 / $240 Studio Members* 
Payment plans available. Scroll down for more info about Studio Membership and how to register.

Michael Chekhov Acting Technique - Characterization

January 31 – March 21, 2017
Tuesday evenings 7-9:30 PM

Continue your study of the Chekhov Technique with the tools for characterization. Prepare roles and explore short solo and partnered scenes. Create dynamic and truthful characters working with the imagination, look at the material in a new light, and connect to text in an organic way that opens the meaning to you and enables you to connect to the inner life of your character during performance. Can be taken concurrently with the Essentials class.

Workshop fee:  
$320 / $240 Studio Members* 
Discount for taking two classes per week: $500/$380 Studio Membership
Payment plans available. Scroll down for more info about Studio Membership and how to register.

Ginger Schmidt

Advanced Chekhov Scene Study Intensive 

January 28/29, 2017
February 18/19, 2017
March 25/16, 2017
Saturday 10AM – 4PM with lunch break
Sunday 3PM – 6PM
These monthly intensive workshops are opportunities for advanced Chekhov actors to immerse in scene study the Chekhov way. It is an advanced exploration of what happens between characters in the course of a scene. If you have been working with the Chekhov Technique and desire to go deeper in rehearsing with the psychological gesture, these intensives are for you!
Because many actors are familiar with The Three Sisters by Anton Chekhov, we will use that play for our work. Participating actors are asked to come prepared for scene work by studying the play and developing their character.
When you sign up, please communicate your character preferences and we will determine selected scenes to get off book prior to the workshop so that our focus can leap to relationship and the beats of the scenes.
Contact us at to find out if your previous training and experience would make it possible for you to take this Intensive.
Workshop fee:  
$120 / $90 Studio Members* 
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Dedicate yourself to your professional development and support the Studio that makes these opportunities available to you all at the same time with a Chekhov Studio Chicago Membership. Buy a Member Class Card for one year  ($100) and enjoy discounted workshop fees for every workshop you take during that year. Download more information here: CHEKHOV STUDIO CHICAGO MEMBERSHIP CLASS CARD


1) E-mail us at

2) Fill out and return this WorkshopRegistrationForm F2016_distributed

3) Pay fee. You may pay the entire fee (check or money order made out to The Moving Dock Theatre Company) via mail to our address on the registration form or pay online via PayPal. Or pay $35 (or special deposit as specified in the workshop information) non-refundable deposit to hold your place and bring the remainder to the first day of the workshop. Please add $3 for online payments.

Pay Plans for Classes are made by individual agreement. Please contact the Studio.

Drop Policy: If you need to drop the class prior to the beginning of the class (with 48 hours notice) the tuition minus the non-refundable deposit will be refunded. After the class has begun, the non-refundable deposit and your paid tuition will remain on account with the Studio for one year and carry over to any other class or workshop you wish to take.


Get materials together with Acting Coach Dawn Arnold prior to the start of the classes. Choose and cut the piece, analyze the play and gather ideas about the character so that you are ready to dive in and explore it in class. “I studied the Chekhov Technique in the NY Studio for four years. I am so grateful that here in Chicago I can continue to cultivate this immensely inspiring technique with Dawn Arnold’s mastery and guidance. It works!  B.C. Professional Actress In person or via Skype or Google+ Click here for COACHING

Bring Chekhov Studio Chicago’s Workshops to you

Our Art of the Actor workshops in the Michael Chekhov Acting Technique and creative process for rehearsals are available to schools (high school, college, university) and theatre companies through our Guest Workshops and Residencies.


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