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Schedule of Classes & Workshops Winter 2015

Training in Michael Chekhov Acting Technique

Performance Workshop at Chekhov Studio Chicago

Performance Workshop at Chekhov Studio Chicago


Ongoing training in the Michael Chekhov Acting Technique is taught in six week sessions. The first six weeks covers the essentials of the technique, followed by the next six weeks of characterization. Students can then take the classes designed for continuing students such as the Monologue class. Continuing students of the technique are welcome to take either Essentials or Characterization classes again or visit these classes on a drop-in basis to gain mastery.


“As soon as we begin to develop our bodies, voices, and emotions, we begin to get our professional actor’s technique, and as soon as we have our technique, we can start the creative process – and what will it be?”  Michael Chekhov


Discovering the Michael Chekhov Acting Technique

Saturday, February 28, 2015
10 AM-12:30 PM

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If you are an actor, singing actor, theatre teacher, or director curious about the
Michael Chekhov Acting Technique this is a great opportunity for you to try it out!
Chekhov Teaching Artist, Dawn Arnold, will introduce you to Chekhov’s inspired
ideas about the actor’s creative process and how a Chekhov class works. You will
be introduced to the tools of the Chekhov Technique while working on yourself as
an actor and working on a character from a play or film. You may participate or

Join us for an active session of on your feet exploration, art, and fun! Experience
the Chekhov Technique, ask questions, and find out more about our workshops
and classes at Chekhov Studio Chicago.


Six Week Classes

Michael Chekhov Acting Technique I – Essentials 

January 6 – February 10, 2015

Tuesday evenings 7-9:30 PM

Begin your study of the Michael Chekhov Acting Technique with this six week class. We will cover the essential tools of the Chekhov Technique as found in Chekhov’s book, To The Actor.

- Study the dynamic principles of the technique while exploring effective tools for the actor: qualities, energies (inner action), sensations, rhythms, centers, and psychological gestures.

- Develop your instrument – body and voice – finding ease, movement ability, creative freedom and focus.

- Learn Chekhov’s creative, improvisational process for exploring and developing a role.

All our continuing classes and special workshops are built on this foundational course.

This class is taught by Dawn Arnold, assisted by Alicia Hall

Fee: $240/ $180 Studio Members*

Pay Plan available. Ask when registering. Scroll down to bottom of page for How to Register.


Michael Chekhov Acting Technique III – Monologues 

January 26 – March 2, 2015

Monday evenings 7-9:30 PM

 Of course you need them for auditions, but monologues are so much more. A monologue is the golden moment in theatre and film acting revealing and expressing the heart and soul of your character.

This class is for any actor or singer who has been learning the Chekhov Technique. We will continue to study the tools of the technique as we choose and then delve into monologues from theatre, film, or other sources, creating “little works of art” and gaining confidence in performing them.

This class is taught by Dawn Arnold, assisted by Alicia Hall

Fee: $240/ $180 Studio Members*

Pay Plan available. Ask when registering. Scroll down to bottom of page for How to Register.


Michael Chekhov Acting Technique II – Characterization

February 24 – March 31, 2015

Tuesday evenings 7-9:30 PM

“Every true artist, and especially talented actors, bear within themselves deeply rooted and often unconscious desire for transformation. Speaking our theatrical language, desire for characterization. “ Michael Chekhov

This Six Week Class in Chekhov Acting Technique is an exploration of the tools for characterization. Following the work in the Essentials class, we will focus on how to create dynamic characters, working with the imagination and Chekhov’s method of Leading Questions. The goal of the class is to develop a working understanding of the tools of this cutting edge approach to the Art of the Actor and apply them, developing a character and working on short scenes. A perfect class for developing a role you are preparing for a show or audition.

This class is taught by Dawn Arnold, assisted by Alicia Hall

Fee: $240/ $180 Studio Members*

Pay Plan available. Ask when registering. Scroll down to bottom of page for How to Register.

Drop in Students

Continuing students of the Studio (or another Chekhov workshop/class) may drop-in to these classes with permission.

Fee: $40/$30 Studio Membership

Email the Studio in advance of the class.



Dedicate yourself to your professional development and support the Studio that makes these opportunities available to you all at the same time with a Chekhov Studio Chicago Membership. Buy a Member Class Card for one year  ($100) and enjoy discounted workshop fees for every workshop you take during that year. Download more information here: CHEKHOV STUDIO CHICAGO MEMBERSHIP CLASS CARD



1) E-mail us with any questions you may have at

2) Fill out and return this WORKSHOP REGISTRATION FORM 2012-13

3) Pay fee. You may pay the entire fee (check or money order made out to The Moving Dock Theatre Company) via mail to our address on the registration form or pay online via PayPal. Or pay $35 (or special deposit as specified in the workshop information) non-refundable deposit to hold your place and bring the remainder to the first day of the workshop. Please add $3 for online payments. Pay Plans for Classes are made by individual agreement. Please contact the Studio. Drop Policy: If you need to drop the class prior to the beginning of the class (with 48 hours notice) the tuition minus the non-refundable deposit will be refunded. After the class has begun, the non-refundable deposit and your paid tuition will remain on account with the Studio for one year and carry over to any other class or workshop you wish to take.



Get materials together with Acting Coach Dawn Arnold prior to the start of the classes. Choose and cut the piece, analyze the play and gather ideas about the character so that you are ready to dive in and explore it in class.

“I studied the Chekhov Technique in the NY Studio for four years. I am so grateful that here in Chicago I can continue to cultivate this immensely inspiring technique with Dawn Arnold’s mastery and guidance. It works!  B.C. Professional Actress

In person or via Skype or Google+ Click here for COACHING


Bring Chekhov Studio Chicago’s Workshops to you

Have you seen our workshops on the Arts and Education Exchange? Our Art of the Actor workshops in the Michael Chekhov Acting Technique and creative process for rehearsals are available to schools (high school, college, university) and theatre companies through our Guest Workshops and Residencies.


Red Shoes Solo Show Project Workshops

Fall and Winter dates TBA

Who gave you the Red Shoes? Who launched you into your life in art? The Red Shoes Solo Show Project began this year for actors who love working with the Chekhov Technique and want to take the artistic tools of the technique into creative directions. In The Red Shoes Solo Show Project actors are building solo shows based on their own experiences of being in the arts – told in the style of a fairy tale (or whatever style unfolds for your material). In each workshop, we work together as an ensemble to get going, break out into solo work, then come together to show what we are discovering and offer feedback.

Interested actors are invited to join us to begin building a solo show and develop it in any of the workshops devoted to this project. We will have several workshops throughout the summer and into next year. Contact us with your interest.

Note: This project is designed for actors who have been regularly training in Chekhov Technique or have completed a course in Chekhov Training.



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