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Training in Michael Chekhov Acting Technique

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Ongoing training in the Michael Chekhov Acting Technique is taught in year round sessions of classes, weekend intensives, and special workshops.

“As soon as we begin to develop our bodies, voices, and emotions, we begin to get our professional actor’s technique, and as soon as we have our technique, we can start the creative process - and what will it be?”  Michael Chekhov

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Classes are  taught by Dawn Arnold, Certified Michael Chekhov Teacher and Artistic Director of Moving Dock Theatre Company/Chekhov Studio Chicago.  


Workshop Venue:
Chekhov Studio Chicago @ Christian Community Church
2135 W Wilson Chicago, Il 60625


Let’s keep moving… with ease…keep radiating…

Let’s connect via online gatherings that demand of us even better connecting, even more imagination, even more concentration.

Let’s make a creative, inspiring, safe, beautiful, and vital space right where we are now.

Let’s find life in our artistic practice that can serve us as self-care and be adapted to healing ourselves and others.

Let’s find new, interesting creative goals for now.

Let’s take steps in artistic self-development now that we have a moment to pause and be creative in new ways.


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Last April and May we invited actors from all over the world to join us as we gathered online to explore how our artistic practice could also be a holistic practice – Chekhov during difficult times. Check out some of the sessions on Vimeo:




Chekhov Studio Online Classes

Winter 2021



Winter Online 2021

Chekhov Acting Technique Essentials

Working on Yourself and Your Art

DA Online Class (1)

Taught by Dawn Arnold

Twelve week course meeting once a week online. NOTE NEW START DATE
Tuesdays 7  – 9 PM CST US via Zoom* 
January  12  – March 30, 2021
Please note the time according to your time zone.

“By means of the suggested psychophysical exercises the actor can increase his inner strength, develop his abilities to radiate and receive, acquire a fine sense of form, enhance his feelings of freedom, ease, calm, and beauty, experience the significance of his inner being, and learn to see things and processes in their entirety.”   Michael Chekhov

Begin or renew your study of the Essentials of the Chekhov Technique as found in Chekhov’s book, To The Actor. The online experience where the actor works in his home studio with solo concentration is a very good way to experience the ideas of Chekhov’s approach to the art of the actor. 

- Study the dynamic principles of the art of the actor
- Develop your instrument – your wise actor body
- Learn the foundations of Chekhov’s creative process
- Learn the tools of the technique including the Psychological Gesture

These essentials prepare the actor in mind and body to do their best work. Actors will explore the psycho-physical relationship, finding new awareness of themselves and how to transform through Chekhov’s foundational essentials: Expansion/Contraction, Feeling of Ease, Form, Beauty and a Sense of the Whole, Ideal Center, Thinking/Feeling/Willing, Qualities of Movement, Sensations, Psychological Gesture, Personal Atmosphere, Imagination,  Concentration and Radiation, Working with the Archetypes, Imaginary Body, and more. We will explore together how to apply each point of focus to a role and text as well as share discoveries of the more holistic aspect to working with this approach. 

Class fee:
$ 295/$ 265 with Studio Membership*
(*Studio Membership is $100 for a year of discounted fees.)
Installment payment available

An Actor’s Creative Process:

Approaching a New Role with the Chekhov Technique

Taught by Dawn Arnold

Twelve week course meeting once a week online. NOTE NEW START DATE
Mondays 7  – 9 PM CST US via Zoom
January  11  – March 29, 2021
Please note the time according to your time zone.


You have been learning the tools of the Chekhov Technique. Then you begin work on a new role. The possibilities are endless, but where to begin? How can you develop your creative process?

Let’s look at that question together. We will work as an ensemble rehearsing Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night, exploring the Chekhov Creative Process. We will apply the tools of the technique to approach the play, develop our characters, rehearse scenes and monologues, and finally, perform in a Studio Showing.

Create dynamic and truthful characters working with the imagination, look at the material in a new light, and connect to text in an organic way that opens the meaning to you and enables you to connect to the inner life of your character during performance.

Actors must have taken Chekhov Studio Chicago’s Essentials Class or equivalent to sign up for this course. 

Click here to download the script for Twelfth Night for free: FOLGER SHAKESPEARE LIBRARY


Class fee:
$ 295/$ 265 with Studio Membership*
(*Studio Membership is $100 for a year of discounted fees.)
Installment payment available

 Sign up for Class

1) E-mail us at ChekhovStudioChicago Actors new to our Studio will interview by email.

2) You will be sent an invoice for the class fee (plus $5 processing fee) to process online.



Dedicate yourself to your professional development and support the Studio that makes these opportunities available to you all at the same time with a Chekhov Studio Chicago Membership. Buy a Member Class Card for one year  ($100) and enjoy discounted workshop fees for every workshop you take during that year.




Work one-on-one with Acting Coach Dawn Arnold. Prepare material for auditions or develop roles for your professional work. Sessions are arranged by email and phone. Coaching can also be done via Facetime, Skype, or Zoom. Click here for more info:  COACHING



Bring Chekhov Studio Chicago’s Workshops to you

Our Art of the Actor workshops in the Michael Chekhov Acting Technique and creative process for rehearsals are available to schools (high school, college, university) and theatre companies through our Guest Workshops and Residencies.



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