Weekend Workshop Essentials of the Chekhov Technique – Chekhov Studio Chicago – 05/25/12 – Chicago, IL

Weekend Workshop Essentials of the Chekhov Technique
Friday, May 25, 2012
6:00pm - 16+
Chekhov Studio Chicago (map)
2135 W Wilson
(Christian Community Church)

Chicago, IL 60625
Other Info
Weekend Workshops
Essentials of the Chekhov Technique – Intention and the Psychological Gesture
May 25 & 26
Friday 6 -10 PM
Saturday 10 – 5 PM

β€œAll the points of the method can be understood from the point of view of transforming the outer thing into the inner life, and changing the inner life into the outer event.”
Michael Chekhov
A special workshop for new and continuing students. Explore and experience the way the Chekhov Technique works in this in-depth look at the gem of the technique, the psychological gesture, and how it can be used in the work of the actor for theatre or film. This work on gesture will include overview of other essentials of the technique that relate to the gesture.
Students of this essentials workshop may continue to a characterization class or continuing workshop, as well as other essentials classes.

Fee: $155
Registration: info@movingdock.org

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