An Artistic Response to the Situation

We live in challenging times. There is much written and broadcast to keep any citizen on over-load. Yet, this is not a time to tune out. Rather, is it a time to explore and express – to keep a constructive conversation going. Actors from the Moving Dock Theatre Company Acting Ensemble with Moving Dock’s Artistic Director, Dawn Arnold,  have been exploring the issues and concerns of our current climate through an artistic process all summer. Our goal has been to shape a show that would give voice to the concerns of our nation. Our hope has been that our efforts would contribute to the atmosphere in a positive way.


Work-in-Progress Showing of a new show by #TruthProjectEnsemble

Friday, August 25, 2017 7:30 PM

Admission is FREE    No Reservation needed

One hour showing in an open rehearsal setting followed by discussion.

Christian Community Church
2135 W Wilson
Chicago, IL 60625
We are ready to bring the community into our rehearsal process and give us their feedback on how we have navigated the complex issues and shaped our show. Join us as we reveal the fruits of our artistic journey so far in this open rehearsal showing.Our actors - Christa Macbeth, Shannon Naylor, Ginger Schmidt, Sue Mullins, Dawn Arnold, Weston Williams, Tim McCain
Out-side-eye – Alicia Hall, Project Director – Dawn Arnold

Check out our project site with Gallery of photos from our process:



#truthproject Tim, Sue, Christa Consider #truthproject GWTSC #truthproject Town Hall


#truthproject Shannon & Christa II