Weekend Intensive – Chekhov for Teachers – Chekhov Studio Chicago – 07/27/12 – Chicago, IL

Event Weekend Intensive – Chekhov for Teachers When Friday, July 27, 2012 6:00pm – 16+ Where Chekhov Studio Chicago (map) 2135 W Wilson (Christian Community Church) Chicago, IL 60625 Other InfoA SPECIAL WEEKEND WORKSHOP FOR TEACHERS SPONSORED BY THE ILLINOIS THEATRE ASSOCIATION. CHEKHOV FOR TEACHERS July 27 & 28 Friday 6 -10 PM Saturday 10 – 5 PM
All of our workshops train actors, theatre teachers and directors in the method of the Chekhov Technique. But this workshop is especially designed to speak to the questions of how to bring this effective actor-training approach to your school environments. Find out how the Chekhov Technique gives students opportunity to explore a full range of their talent and exercise their imaginations. Learn how theatre process (specifically actor process) and content (drama and literature) compliment each other in an effective way to guide students into their most creative, artistic capabilities.

The Michael Chekhov Acting Technique is a well crafted creative process that supports individual creativity and encourages the development of the imagination within the structure of theatre practice. The technique teaches the unique point of view of the actor (in contrast to the director or playwright), enabling students to realize artist goals. Chekhov Technique also highlights elements and principles of performance and storytelling, identifying dramatic concepts and then providing means for experiential knowledge. This way of working develops skill and an artistic vocabulary while exploring universal concepts of human experience.

For this workshop, no previous experience with the Chekhov Technique is required. Participants will work as actors in a fun, active, yet very focused way. There will be time for discussion as well as experiments based on questions from the participants. Concepts covered in the workshop can be found in Michael Chekhov’s book, To The Actor. Most students find that after an introductory workshop this book is very accessible and becomes an invaluable aid. Participants will also be provided with handouts to support the work of the sessions.

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Fee: $155, ITA MEMBERS $135

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