About the Thinking, Feeling, Willing Your Words Workshop

This is an interesting moment in the life of our world. We are feeling a need to move, to get out there, back into what we love. What will that mean? What will be different? What are we going towards?

We have a story now, from this year. What is our story? What do we need to speak? Our inner artist is waiting. It waits while we dream. It waits while we do other things, while we take action. What does it need?

It needs a moment, a space, a time. The inner artist needs us to listen. It needs [...]

Exploring Expansively

What’s the dream now? All my life I have turned to forms of artistic expression to help me with this momentous question. My practice has included violin, theatre, singing, movement of various genres, vocal techniques, and Michael Chekhov acting technique. Each discipline gave me a direction, goals, and process towards discovery of my being and identity. I have been very satisfied working in these ways. Knowing what they have to offer, I have dedicated my career to teaching others how to have an artistic practice.While the disciplines vary in approach and what we might call short term and long [...]