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  • Dawn

    We are finally unveiling the site. As everything in Moving Dock, a process!

  • ahallflesch

    It looks great!!! Looks like we’re ready to go!!


  • Alicia

    Can’t wait to start rehearsals for Unsung Stars this weekend!!!

  • Steven Vargas

    Yes! Website is alive and kicking. :)

  • Sheila

    This website looks beautiful! Congrats. Can’t wait to see the Unsung Stars benefit.

  • Dawn

    The extraordinary meets everyday life in Unsung Stars. Are we doing something significant, something transcendent, something revelatory? Why not? And if we do, what happens to us, what happens to others? Do others receive it, recognize it, respond to it? Big questions – but then, we dealing with the astronomical.

  • dawndock

    Unsung Stars Benefit is coming up soon – March 19! Love to have you join us. Support for Unsung Stars is vital right now!

  • dawndock

    Heading into to summer with some workshops! I love the creative work best, when an actor can focus so fully on the life of the character. There is this amazing moment in workshops where a room full of actors suddenly becomes a room full of characters. Magic!

  • Dawn

    Getting geared up for the MICHA (Michael Chekhov Association) International Workshop in Canada this summer. Love getting together with fellow actors and directors to explore and play with the Chekhov Technique. But we can do this also right here in Chicago – get together and make those amazing artistic discoveries make us feel whole and confident as actors.

  • Dawn

    Taking part the International Thespian Festival this year with all these amazing high school actors and teachers. I am sharing the Chekhov Technique with them. It always reminds me of when I was a young violinist, hungry to know more about art.

  • dawndock

    Thinking about the ‘high reach’ tonight – what that means to me. It’s a sort of atmosphere as well as a goal, a world I’d like to help create. Magic, and dignity and elegance and a sort of expansiveness. I am experiencing it in my interaction with Boitsov Ballet as I enter their world of ‘high reach’ – different but simpatico to our theatrical aspirations. I like this cross-over of ballet and theatre. It’s very Moving Dock!

  • Dawn

    I keep thinking about my violin playing days. In high school all I wanted was for some clear way to be able to play the music I hoped to be able to play. Listening to great violinists was inspiring, but I felt lost – how would I get there? Maybe because of that, I feel like I have spent all my life seeking a way for the artist soul to find their ability – process. And now, in the theatre world, I have put all my energy into finding a clear way for the actor artist to get to some height of artistic success. I think I’ve found it. Now to share it , share it, share it.

  • dawndock

    The mystery of workshoping is that it lives in the potential. Of course we are working towards something. But we might be finding more than we set out to find and that something more goes beyond what we might tap or shape into such a social event as a performance. Performing is one art form. Workshop is another. They relate to each other. The one needs the other.

  • dawndock

    Workshops are works of art. Each workshop is an adventure in improvisational art. There is so much creativity – living, breathing creativity in a workshop. For me, leading a workshop is an art form- guiding participants is a combination of teaching and directing. Each workshop takes its own shape, finds its form. And because the participants are working in such a concentrated, focused way, the resulting expression is so true.

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