Four Stages Project Workshop Begins – Chekhov Studio Chicago – 09/15/12 – Chicago, IL

Four Stages Project Workshop Begins
Saturday, September 15, 2012
10:00am - 16+ Buy Tickets
Chekhov Studio Chicago (map)
2135 W Wilson
(Christian Community Church)

Chicago, IL 60625
Other Info
Four Stages
September 15 – November 17
Saturday 10 – 1PM
Performance November 17 (time TBA)

Chekhov Teacher – Dawn Arnold
Director – Alicia Hall
“Let us regard the whole creative process in theatre as consisting of four successive stages…
Let us imagine that a group of actors has become interested in the practical elaboration of the method we have suggested, and that they begin working on a play. This being an ideal situation, their director too embraces the various techniques described in this book.” Michael Chekhov in To the Actor
For actors who have been training with the Chekhov Technique there is always a desire to delve into a project using Chekhov’s approach as the rehearsal process. For this special workshop, we will do just that. We will explore the rehearsal process as Chekhov describes it in his book, To the Actor (also in On The Technique of Acting). We will rehearse for eight weeks, exploring the Four Stages of the Creative Process as we work with a play. At the culmination of this workshop, we will perform what we have created from our explorations.

Previous experience with the Chekhov Technique is required.

*Actors who have not had previous training in the Chekhov Technique but take the September Weekend Workshop (September 7&8) will be eligible to take this workshop.

Fee: $385
Pay Plan available
As in all good theatre practice, presence is expected.

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