Drop-in Chekhov Acting Class – Chekhov Studio Chicago – 03/04/13 – Chicago, IL

Drop-in Chekhov Acting Class
Monday, March 4, 2013
7:00pm - 16+
Chekhov Studio Chicago (map)
2135 W Wilson
(Christian Community Church)

Chicago, IL 60625
Other Info
Six Week Class
Michael Chekhov Acting Technique
February 11 - March 25, 2013 7-10 PM
For new and continuing students of the Chekhov Technique.

Drop-in Visitors:
Interested actors contact us at info@movingdock.org. Drop-in Fee: $40 Non-members, $30 Members

The Michael Chekhov Acting Technique provides for the creative process of the actor with effective tools and a working method to give actors what they need to reach artistic and career success. Chekhov’s Technique is a cutting edge approach to character development and dynamic performance.

Each session of these classes will explore the principles of the technique as found in Chekhov’s book, To The Actor, taking part of each class to train the ‘actor’s body’. Actors will work on characters with imaginative improvisational exploration using Chekhov’s guiding points of focus, and short solo or partner scenes. Actors may choose to work on characters for upcoming productions or for auditions for theatre or film, seeing how the technique enables actors to creatively and effectively awaken the inner life. Each actor will receive individualized attention each class.

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