Chekhov Check-In of Chicago

“This longing for knowledge makes the real artist brave.”  Michael Chekhov

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What is a Chekhov Check In?

A free event scheduled once a month to support the community of actors and theatre/film artists in the Chicago area who are interested in the Michael Chekhov Acting Technique. These events are organized by and for the participants, encouraging the impulses of creativity and artistic investigation. The Check-Ins supplement the ongoing training options of Chekhov Studio Chicago and welcome all who are interested.



How To Get Involved

by Jaina Alexander

These Chekhov Check-ins are for the community so we are looking for content suggestions from YOU! As a guideline for suggestions, we will be using the idea of Lectures, Inquiries, Performance, L.I.P.

L: Lectures – I would like to present a lecture or discussion to the group.Lectures can be presented on any subject related to Chekhov. It can be either an educational presentation or as a means to jump off into discussion.

I: Inquiries – I have a question or challenge that I would like to explore with the group.Questions or challenges can either be presented to discuss or to work through with play. Or both!

P: Performance – I have a performance that I would like to share with the group.Performances in any stage are welcome! Please be prepared to receive feedback via the Critical Response Process (CRP) created by Liz Lerman. You will be provided with the steps for this process well before the Check-in in order to prepare.

If you are unsure if you should offer a L.I.P. to the group we encourage you to go for it– Do it before you feel ready to. We are all here to support you!