About the Thinking, Feeling, Willing Your Words Workshop

This is an interesting moment in the life of our world. We are feeling a need to move, to get out there, back into what we love. What will that mean? What will be different? What are we going towards?

We have a story now, from this year. What is our story? What do we need to speak? Our inner artist is waiting. It waits while we dream. It waits while we do other things, while we take action. What does it need?

It needs a moment, a space, a time. The inner artist needs us to listen. It needs us to ask questions, sensitive queries. The inner artist also needs a way. How to explore? How to move towards a discovery? How to find the idea? How to find the form? How to find the spirit?

The upcoming Thinking, Feeling, Willing Your Words workshop is a time to listen to that inner artist, to find the words. Maybe you write them or maybe you use words you love. Finding the words, how can you express them with new colors, new sounds, so that your story of this moment finds it’s way through you into our needy world.

This eight session workshop brings together my love of nurturing creativity in actors and my ongoing delving into the possibilities of the Michael Chekhov Acting Technique. It offers all of us an opportunity to navigate where we have been for the last year and where we are going from this point forward in an artistic way.

You might be wondering if you have the right skill development for this workshop. You can be at any point in your experience with Chekhov Technique. You also don’t have to be self-identifying as an actor. As long as you desire to listen for your story in a whole-bodied way. In each session any participant may choose to share a bit of what they have found – or not.

This might be a springboard for you. It will definitely be a step in your development as an artist and as a human being. Let’s discover together.

© Dawn Arnold


To sign up for the workshop E-mail us at ChekhovStudioChicago

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