About Moving Dock

Surviving shipwreak in Ocean Sea

Ocean Sea

The Moving Dock Theatre Company creates new work for theatre out of  our focus on the Art of the Actor. We discover how to tell our stories through a creative exploration of movement, imagination, and soul. Our approach explores the inner movement of human experience and expresses it outwardly, bringing new light to the question of who we are.

“… so ambitious, so fearless, so compelling, so enigmatic and so physically beautiful that you also may find yourself wondering how it ever managed to come to fruition.”
Hedy Weiss, Chicago Sun Times

The Moving Dock’s ensemble-created works have included Galway Bay, based on an ancient Celtic myth, Savage/Love, transforming the poems by Joseph Chaikin and Sam Shepard, Celestial Mechanics – or the Questionable Attraction of Entities, which ventured out into the cosmos, Tales Through the Night and Where Our Imaginations May Lead Us, which ventured inwards, Ocean Sea and Einstein’s Dreams, both original adaptations of expansive novels, Undercurrents, embodying a short story by Edith Wharton, Eleemosynary, a classic contemporary play revisited through our explorative process, The Quiltmaker’s Gift, a colorful adaptation of Jeff Brumbeau’s beautiful children’s books, Frugal Love – Poor Theatre for Poor Dates, about love and money, Dear…Reply, Forward, Send, a piece on a stairwell, and our newest works, The Lydia Etudes, about loving Anton Chekhov, Unsung Stars, a true story about women in astronomy, and our two productions of The Anton Chekhov Book Club.

Our larger productions have been made possible by collaborating and co-producing with Clock Productions and Premier Theatre and Performance. Our Chicago theatre spaces have included Baliwick Theatre, The Theatre Building, National Pastime Theatre, Chopin Theatre, The Atheneaum, The Fine Arts Building, Victory Gardens Greenhouse, and Stage 773.

Our company moves outward to deliver our art to new audiences. Moving Dock shows have performed at International Theatre Festivals in Croatia and Canada, at Universities, and venues that bring our art to receptive audiences of all ages.

Our educational program, Chekhov Studio Chicago, gathers actors to engage in explorations in the Art of the Actor. That creative process is the most important concept in our organization. For all of our productions the actors and directors have spent countless hours focused on in-depth explorations, training, writing, and creating. We seek to redefine the actor’s art by giving to the actor the central creative focus and establishing an environment for artistic development to occur.

Our Studio on the Move takes our workshops in the Michael Chekhov Acting Technique to actors and theatre teachers both locally and across the country, enabling actors to find the inner life while expanding their imaginative and creative ability. These workshops in our approach to the making of theatre are offered to other theatre companies, universities, and schools through our guest workshops and residencies.