Guest Workshops & Residencies


Dawn Arnold, Chekhov Teaching Artist

Teaching Artist and Director Dawn Arnold brings Chekhov Workshops and Residencies to your school or theatre company. Dawn Arnold’s workshops range from one introductory workshop, a series of workshops, or a residency of focused training and application.

She is also available as a guest director, incorporating the Chekhov approach in the rehearsal process for plays and musicals, or one of the adaptations or original works she has created for The Moving Dock Theatre Company, such as Einstein’s Dreams or Unsung Stars.

Dawn has been bringing the Michael Chekhov Acting Technique to colleges, high schools and theatre teachers.Each workshop is designed specifically for your group. The Chekhov Technique enables actors in their work and helps theatre directors and teachers lead actors successfully for inspired performance.

Download a brochure: Dawn Arnold Chekhov Workshops


University and College level workshops:

Introduction to the Michael Chekhov Acting Technique

Character Development for Theatre and Film

Four Stages – Rehearsing with the Chekhov Technique

Chekhov on Chekhov – Michael Chekhov Technique and Anton Chekhov’s Plays (May be booked along with a performance of The Lydia Etudes).


High School level workshops: 

High School workshops intersect creative freedom with engaged focus suited to the development of grades 9-12. The creative process of the Chekhov Technique can be used to support classes beyond the theatre department, sparking a lively dialog between literature and the direct experience of students. Whatever a student can imagine can be embodied!

You Have a Wise Actor Body – Discovering creativity, expressive freedom, and physical improvisation with Chekhov Technique

An Actor’s Work – Preparing Your Role for the Show (in conjunction with your rehearsal process)

Contact us to see how you can bring Moving Dock’s Chekhov Studio to you and design your Chekhov Technique experience with Dawn Arnold.


Dawn Arnold is on the faculty of:

Chekhov Studio Chicago

MICHA – Michael Chekhov Association

Michael Chekhov Acting Studio New York City

Lyric Opera of Chicago – Patrick G. and Shirley W. Ryan Opera Center


Dawn has been a Guest Artist at:


House Theatre of Chicago, IL

Mercury Theatre Chicago, IL

Insight Theatre, MO

Striding Lion, Chicago, IL

Vitalist Theatre Company, Chicago, IL

Janus Theatre, IL

Premier Theatre and Performance, Chicago, IL

Porchlight Music Theatre, Chicago, IL

Performance Gallery, Cincinnati, OH

Elgin Art Showcase, Elgin, IL



CSU Summer Arts


University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, WI

Purdue University, IN

North Central College, Naperville, IL

California State University, Chico, CA

Knox College, IL

Principia College, IL

University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI

New York State University, Fredonia, NY

University of Kansas, KS

Millikin University, IL

Lansing Community College MI



American Theater Company Youth Ensemble

Educational Theatre Association, International Thespian Festival

EDTA Conferences – Professional Development (PDI)

Missouri Thespian Conference

Ohio Thespian Conference

School for Creative and Performing Arts (SCPA), Cincinnati, OH

Nerinx Hall, MO

Classical Magnet School, Hartford, CT

Hathaway Brown School, Cleveland, OH

Trinity High School, IL