The Moving Dock Company

Through many years of workshops, project development, and productions, Moving Dock has invited many actors, theatre artists, and theatre teachers to move with us. A hard working group of Company Members past and present and our Board have served the ensembles of each show and the larger orbit of actors who enjoy working with the Chekhov approach and Moving Dock’s creative process.

Company Members                                       Company Associates

Dawn Arnold, Artistic Director                          Erin Rose Gallagher, Costumer
Alicia Hall                                                               Steven Vargas, Videographer
Christa Macbeth                                                    Silvia Malagrino, Videographer
Sue Mullins                                                             Sarah Stec, Graphic Designer   
Ginger Schmidt                                                     Jazmin Corona, Photographer
Audra Yokley                                                                                                     

Ensemble Members

Dawn Arnold
Alicia Hall
Christa Macbeth
Sue Mullins
Ginger Schmidt
Katie Haynes

Alumni Company Members

Bethany Caputo
Christine Castro
Julie Douglas
Sarah Greywitt
Cindy Henkin
Joshua Holden
Morgan Laurel Cohen
Jamie Olah
Tim Olsen

Advisory Board

Lenard Petit
Sean Patrick Hargadon
Silvia Malagrino 
Kenneth Kendall
Robert Kameczura